Meet the Midwives



Mac and Kara are Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) committed to reproductive justice, sexual health, and birth options in the Philadelphia area.


Alison “Mac” VanTilburg, CNM, MSM

Mac has been working in the Philadelphia home birth community since 2010 and in the Einstein health system since 2018. They received their nursing degree from Drexel and Midwifery education at Philadelphia University (now Jefferson).  Baby Robin was born at home in 2017.

Kara McQuillan, CNM, MSM

Kara has been a birth worker since 2010. They have a BA in anthropology from Ithaca College and graduated from Philadelphia University’s Midwifery Institute (now Jefferson). They had their two children out of hospital with midwives and carried a third baby as a gestational surrogate for two fantastic dads.

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